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Wine glasses

Avéco’s wine glasses are produced to maximise the savouring of champagne, red wine, and white wine. As well as being fully functional and enhancing your wine experience, its design will accentuate any table setting.


ICON Series

Modern crystal glass

Aveco icon vinglasserie
Avéco's wine glasses are based on three parts; the bowl, the stem and the foot. We suggest that you hold the wine glasses by it's stem while drinking. This is to keep away as much of your body temperature as possible from warming up the wine. The primary purpose of the bowl is to bring air and oxygen to the wine. The air brings out the aromas from the wines which makes the wines richer on the pallet. Avéco's wine glasses often have a narrow rim at the top of the bowl. A narrow rim sends the wine to the tip of your tung in your mouth and brings the smell of the wine to the lower part of your nose while drinking.

It takes a fine balance between design and engineering to make a great wine glass.