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Terms-, delivery conditions & data protection

Terms and conditions 

Application and Consumer Protection

These terms and conditions ( "Terms") are applicable to the purchase agreement that you as a consumer conclude with us on Intresseresor 1 AB, corporate identity number 556812-8069, referred to as "Aveco" or "". To take advantage of your interests as a client, the provisions of the Consumer (SFS 1990: 932), the Distance and Doorstep Selling Act (SFS 2005: 59) and Privacy Act (SFS 1998: 204) on all purchases at

Prices and fees

The prices we quote on stated including value added tax (VAT). Prices does not include shipping, unless otherwise is indicated. 

Establishment of the purchase agreement 

Goods are ordered through our e-commerce Large batches of goods can also be ordered through our customer service or by Email to Contracts for the purchase prepared when your order has been confirmed by Aveco via Email to the Email address given. By ordering you accept these Terms. Aveco does not include contracts with minors (under 18) without parental consent. 
when you place your order you will get an indication of how long the shipment will take and the cost for it. If you do not agree with these terms, the order will not be confirmed


when you place your order you will get an indication of how long the shipment will take and the cost for it. If you do not agree with these terms, the order will not be confirmed


If a product deviates from the agreement between you and or otherwise does not match the description of the goods has given, the goods can be returned. Only original fault covered by the warranty, the warranty covers, for example, no defects caused by normal wear and tear. Complaints to be made within a reasonable time, but not later than within one month. In the complaint, contact the customer will receive a return form. Aveco can not reimburse the cost of return shipping.

Transportation damages

Avéco is responsible for goods damaged or lost during delivery to you. Complaints about transport damage must be made within a reasonable time, but not later than one month. Upon receipt of the shipment, it is important to check that the goods are not damaged during transport. Avéco recommend that you report any transport damage directly on site at delivery agent and then contact Avécos customer service.


If you choose to receive newsletter, you agree to receive other offers of other products from companies outside Aveco.


Avéco offer payment by card. All payments are encrypted via Avécos partner Bambora.

Force Majeure

In the event of circumstances beyond Avécos reasonable control, for example in the event of changes in legislation, official measures, strikes, blockades, sabotage, war, terrorism, fire, flood, natural disaster or similar events will Avécos obligation to honor the purchase agreement postponed as long fact is . If the delay exceeds two months, both you as Aveco right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to pay damages.


Avécos site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that can be used to track what visitors do on the site.

There are two main types of cookies: 1) a permanent cookie remains on your computer for a specified period of time. 2) a session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer's memory while the visitor is browsing the website. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.


Avéco follows the Consumer Complaints Board testimonials and Swedish law in case of dispute.

Aveco reserves for any misprints as such. price, size, number of products in the stock on this website. We can not 100% guarantee that all pictures accurately reproduces the appearance of products.

For questions about the meaning of these terms or procedures withdrawal, complaints, transport damages or otherwise, contact Avécos customer service. Contact information for customer service can be found on  

Your personal information is safe with us!


We follow the guidelines for GDPR to make you feel safe when shopping with us.

What information do we collect about you?

When shopping with us, we need to know who you are and where you want your goods to be delivered. The information is not only used to help you complete your purchase and to complete your order, but also to prevent fraud and meet legal requirements. Avéco ensures that we collect your information with integrity.

How do we handle your information?

The information we collect about you are used to give you a good customer experience and to ensure that it is you that is completing the order. We save the information about you for three years, then the information from our systems is deleted.