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About Aveco

Avéco was founded through the chance meeting of two food and wine geeks in one of the many fantastic wineries of South Africa. They had separately felt the need for a stemware brand that would accentuate the elegance and sexiness of the wine glass in a more aesthetically pleasing and modern way. They agreed to join forces in order to produce a stemware series that brings a little style and class to the world of glass.

aveco crystal glass logo

Avéco Crystal Glass

Modern answer to swedish glassmaking tradition

Aveco vägg posters

Serien ICON

Modern design crystal glasses

As well as being fully functional and enhancing your wine experience, its design will accentuate any table setting.

The result is the Avéco ICON series, blown from the finest crystal glass in order to obtain just the perfect clarity, delicacy and shape. A great match for any food and wine aficionado looking to lift the visual presentation of the party or event. We sincerely hope you will have plenty of opportunities to toast and enjoy wonderful dinner parties and social events! Together, we create memories for life.

Avécos founders
Linus Femtvik & Olof Jeremias

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core values


A toast: to look deep into each other’s eyes, clinking the glasses together, listening for the tinkling sound in the air while a tinge of anticipation fills the room; to savour the moment and each other’s company.