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ICON Champagne Glass Tulip 6-pack


ICON Champagne Tulip, shaped to satisfy your bubbly moments. Both in taste but also by dressing your dinner table to success. This crystal glass brings out the best out of a wide range of bubbly wines, from complex champagnes to fresh sparkling wines. The champagne glass is blown in the finest crystal which gives the wine glass a crisp- and thin finish. These crystal glasses can be washed in a dishwasher.

Wine glass height 246 mm, width 76 mm and 320 ml.

Finally here

Champagne Glass Tulip

With ICON Champagne Tulip we wanted to achieve a champagne glass which highlights the best in our everyday sparkling wines. At the same time have a design to crown on our tables settings. It all came down to the shape of the glass, which was inspired by the beautiful tulip flower. The shape invites your nose to enjoy the wine in a spectacular way. It brings the wine experience to another level.

Vinglas i Allt om mat, Residence, Plaza, Rum Hemma

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